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September 20, 2014
Guide in Udaipur India
December 8, 2014

Dudh Talai is a one of the most beautiful place in City udaipur. Dudh Talai is another tourist attraction of City Udaipur. Dudh Talai is a small lake that adores the south-east direction of Pichola Lake. Located in the southern side of Shiv Niwas Palace, the stream adds to the picturesque triangle with Pichola on one side, Dudh Talai on the second and M.L Verma Garden on the third. The Manikya LalVerma Garden built on Machala Magra hill near Dudh Talai pond is a paradigm of contemporary architectural art. Stroll the garden, take in a panoramic view of Lake Pichola, Jag Mandir, Lake Palace and City Palace. Climb up MachalaMagra and you will find a Karni Mata temple with a white stone idol of the goddess inside it.

A “Rock Garden” from where one can enjoy sunset view in Lake Pichhola and panoramic view of old city. Rajasthan’s first “Musical Fountain” manufactured by “Yagnik Mechenical Engineering Works”, is another attraction for the visitors.

The old stepwell (baoli) at Sunset Point in the southern part of Udaipur has been made into a feature in a public garden. The blue and white paint is unfortunate but adoption and use as ‘public open space’ is probably the best way of managing India’s brilliant heritage of stepwells. Further south, the lakeside drive is beautiful and peaceful.

The best place to catch a spectacular sunset in Udaipur is this beautiful garden near Dudh Talai pond. Musical fountain shows have also made this sunset point popular. In addition, there is aropeway connecting the garden to Karni Mata Temple. After daylong sightseeing on Lake Pichola, conclude your trip with a breathtaking sunset view from Dudh Talai, followed by a pleasant stroll in the rock garden.

Dudh Talai udaipur magic favorite place of the locals and It is a Popular Relaxing Spot of City udaipur.

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