Fateh Sagar Lake

Dudh talai
September 27, 2014

Fateh Sagar Lake is situated in Udaipur city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Said to be the pride of the City of Lakes of Udaipur, it is an artificial lake constructed by Maharana in north of Lake Pichola in 1680s and to the north-west of Udaipur.

It is one of the four lakes of the Udaipur city; the other three lakes are: the Lake Pichola (within the Udaipur town), Udai Sagar Lake (13 km to the east of Udaipur) and Dhebar Lake or Jaisamand Lake (52 km south east of Udaipur).[1][2]

Within the confines of the Fatah Sagar Lake, there are three small islands.; the largest of these is the island called the Nehru Park (4 km2 area), which is a popular garden with a restaurant and a zoo, the second island (0.06 km2 area) houses a public park with an impressive water-jet fountain and the third island (1.2 km2 area) is the address for the Udaipur Solar Observatory (USO). The Nehru park is accessed by inboard motor boats from the bottom of Moti Magri. Blue waters of the lake and the backdrop of green has given the soubriquet of ‘the second Kashmir’ to Udaipur town.[1]

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Udaipur Lake Conservation Society’s reports indicate that the lake supports and sustains ground water recharge, drinking water, agricultural use, industrial use, ecological water availability and provides employment to 60% population of Udaipur. [3]

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