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December 8, 2014
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February 23, 2015

Haldighati   battle is  mountain paass in aravali  Mountain range of Rajasthan  It is  45 Km from udaipur and . the place is known as a Khmanor . In Hindi langauge  Haldi means  termieric  so it believe that  the name of  the place comes  from  the termeic coloured soil

This mountain pass or valley  is  historicaly significate as the location of  Battle Haldighti , which took place in June 1576  between Mewar rullers Maharna Partap Singh and Mughal Emp emperor  Akbars army .  the Mughal army was lead Commmander  Raja  Man singh of Jaipur, there is only a memorial of  chetak horse  rest place is just historicall imporatnce . this place  has also a museam  to narrate history about Mewar and  battle of haldi ghati. It said  there was a lots blood after the battle  so  the place is known as  Rakt-talai  ( a pond of  blood)

haldighati-around udaipur

Haldigathi -termeric colour of soil the reason to known as haldighat

The whole museum and the place itself which witnessed the bravery of Maharana Pratap, his horse Chetak and his army is really inspiring. Main attractions are the museum, Chetak Samadhi and the valley  -The narrow passageway between both the  hillocks, that  is places to visit One  has to see the battle field, dont forget to visit the samadhi of Chetak-Maharana Partap steed.  the Loyal Horse of Maharan save the Life of Maharana. H orse was injured  but manage to jump a water channel  to  bring his master at safe place .  Injured Horse  died after this  long jump



brave Rana partap on chetak horse with his soldier and proceed fro battle field

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