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February 2, 2015
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April 18, 2015

RANAKPUR JAIN TEMPLE IS MOST IMPORTATNT pilgrims of jainism there are thuosand of visitors pilgrims visits every day to this famouse temple . temple is located near sadri town of pali district in rajasthan . North west part of India sarrounded with arvali hills and on prime location of more less disapeared river maghai . The mountain valley and Hills around it make more senic. it is accesible by road from udaipur and 2hours most romantic drive through the magic landscape of mewar region. Ranakpur day trip from udaipur or it comes on route when you travel by road udaipur to jodhpur .

history of temple
local legende that this temple was constructed by a business man and finance ministry of Rana Kumbha -rular of Mewar Kingdom in 15tyh centuary follwoing a divine vision of him and his brother ratna shah. temple dedicated to jain tirthankara adinath and known as choumukha temple four faced staute of adinath first tirthankara (prophet ) of jainism. the architecture and stone carving is based on ancient jain temple mirpur in rajasthan. the construction of temp[le started in 1437 ad and it continue till 1458 Ad temple carving is magical. the pillar and column of temple they are 1444 and with the sunlight is show the ranakpur magic . the sunlight change the colour of marble .

visit and timing of Ranakpur jain temple 12 noon to 5 pm
temple open for non jain for above time and it is open for jain communities whole day,.You can hire a udaipur guide to explain sarrounding of the the main temple. one can hire a car and guide from udaipur to do a day trip to ranakpur jain temple . there are entry fee for foriegner and camera fee for every visitor . temple donot allowed any leather articles, drinking water , food inside the temple. if you are carring a mobile phone with camera . you will be insist to buy camera tickets or deposit your camera with locaker nera tickets window.
best time to visit is late afternoon as it is less crowded

how to reach –
by bus – there are bus from rajasthan roadways. and it take around 3 hours – 4hours  early morning bus to ranakpur is 5;15 am   next buses are 7 am and 8;30 am  from udaipur to cover distance 100 km .

luggage  room at Ranakpur  is availble you can  keep your  bags at luggage room  AFTER paying a  storage fee .

you can also take bus from jodhopur 163 km drive and take 5 hours .

by train – nearest railway station is falna . you can take a bus from falna to Ranakpur it take 45 minutes express bus. taxi are easily availble at Falna station or you can pre book the transfer

by car : you can hire a car from udaipur to reach ranakpur temple And back to udaipur or drive to Jodhopur .

by air ; nearest airport is udaipur airport and it take 2 hours to drive from airport to ranakpur jain temple cost of Car from udaipur airport to Ranakpur jain temple 2700 Rupees including visit of Ranakpur jain temple and drop to your hotel in Ranakpur

Cost of car :
Ranakpur same day tour from udaipur AC Mid size car 2200 Rupees Including toll tax and Parkings
Ranakpur same day tour from udaipur AC Toyota Innova 3200 Rupees including toll tax and parking
You can add Kumbhalgarh tour with your Ranakpur same day tour @ 500/- rupees top up price
Youcan add Jodhpur drop with this tour @ 2900 rupees add on Ranakpur same day tour

Jain food in side the temple complex :
Food availble between 12:!5 PM to 1:15 Pm @ 50 Rupees per person. it is veg food and served in a hall by the workers. it is good food as well

Hotel and restaurant in Ranakpur :
Kings abode –
Maharani Bagh
Fateh Bagh
Mana Hotels
Ranakpur Hill Resort
Rupam Hotel

is there any fee to visit temple  ?? : temple trust started charging entry fee to every international  visitor . Every visitor has to pay Rs 200  to enter in temple

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