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December 11, 2015

there are sevral temples in udaipur attract  visitor and devotees  for architecture  or spiritual visit. We  are trying to post  some  important historical temples and  stories  by udaipur magic .  Historical temples and its location  and further darshan timing  are available on  our pages .  One day required to see all these known temples in udaipur. herare some well known temples in udaipur  jagdish temple ,  Ambamata Temple,  Sagas ji  temple , Nimach mata temple , and ekling ji  temple . all are living temples in udaipur  apart from these temple there are some more temple    Mahakaleshwar temple , Dudhiya ganesh temple and  Shanti nath  jain temple near clock tower , karani mata temple at  rope way of udaipur

Jagdish temple :

Maharana Jagat singh  who built this  temple in Udaipur was deeply devoted to lord Jagnath of Puri in Orissa. It said that through the power of miraculous ‘gutikas’ made with mercury and his own spiritual strength, he use to visit Puri by space route  every day  early in morning , had the darshan and return to Udaipur before sunrise . it was only after the ritual that the maharana would start his everyday work. Once on the occasion of the annual “Rath yatra”  at puri he was not able to reach there in time. Perhaps due tot the decreasing effect of ‘Gutikas” or decline in his spiritual power. The Maharana had to halt on the way to sacred city so he could not join the procession or have the darshan  in time . this made him very unhappy and he gave up eating or drinking anything . The fasting Maharana had a dream in which the lord told him that he was not at all responsible for not having the ‘darshan ‘    and not participating in the ‘yatra’ It wa well known that  he had deep reverence for him.  this relieved the Maharana from his guilt and he reached Puri by road, had the darshan and broke his fast  he stayed there for a night  and had another dream in which lord told him that there was no need for him to cover such a long distance for ‘darhsna’  and he should stop this practice. The lord asked him to build a temple at Udaipur and promised to reside in it.  The maharani felt highly gratified     after having ‘darshan’ twice and decided to start the construction of the temple soon after returning to Udaipur

fullday udaipur tour - sightseeing udaipur
city tour of Udaipur . does your guide come with you inside the temple ?

Amba mata temple :

One of the main temple of Udaipur and it has fascinating story related to its construction It is said that once the erstwhile Maharana Raj singh ji had severe eye trouble. In spite of treatment by several ‘vaidyas’ there was no relief. It was then suggested that he should go to Ambika Mata  in Gujrat and pray to her.  Preparation started for the journey but the night before it was begin. The Maharana had a dream, which Devi asked him not to go to Abu as she herself would come to Udaipur. She also indicated the place at which she was to appear.  Maharana was very happy and decide to build a temple where Goddess was to appear. As work progressed Maharana began to get better. It was a miracle that as soon as the Devi Idol appeared  he was cured completely.

Neemaj mata

Consider to vaisno devi of Udaipur the temple  Nimaj mata is located on 85 meter high hill near  fateh sagar lake . it said that the name of  Neemaj mata Come due to the original neem tree . even today the  neighboring village  the mata is installed under the ” NEEM“tree for worship . due to origin from neem people do not suffer from skin disease in area where She worshiped. A panoramic view from Top of the temple  is amazing. Temple open for darshan specially in Navratra festival it is very busy due  to many local  visitors .  Along with darhsan of devi it is place of hiking  with a comfortable  safe way

Sagas ji temple

Out of several temple of Sagasji in city  the one at Sarvritu vilas has the greatest following. There is an interesting incident related to this shrine. The Maharana of Mewar have through the ages considered lord Ekling as rulers of Mewar  and they themselves  being just a custodian of Diwan  So the Prince of royal family can  visit this temple of Sagasji but once  they became a Maharana  they could not do so. Once Maharana Bhupal Singh Ji got seriously ill. His mother Rajamat Veerath kunwer prayed to Sagasji for his  quick recovery   promising that  the maharani would visit the shrine when he got well.  But when he had fully recovered, the custom and tradition stood in his way to have the ‘Darshan’  of Sagasji

As a solution  top this problem  a Mirror was put in front of sagasji picture and through a newly made window on the right  the Maharana was able to have ‘darshan’

Eklingji temple :

Mewar ‘s  history  with  shree Ekling  ji  -the forefathers of  Bappa Rawal(kalBhoj) The first in Guhil clan which later on ruled over mewar for centuries, had an enmity with the mouryas who wanted to kill the whole clan. Bappa’s father was killed but his mother was able to escape and come Nagda near kailashpuri. Bappa was born there. When he was  grew up he was asked to take herd of cows to graze. One day  his master complained to his mother that he stole milk of one of the cows. Bappa mother was very unhappy  next day Bappa followed the cow carefully  It travel a long distance and come to an open space in the valley. It stoped  there and looked around to ensure that nobody was watching it. It entered a dense groveof bamboo plants and stood quietly. Milk began to flow automatically from it udder. At the place where the milk fell was a shining Shiva lingam. As legend  says the lord had to visit the earth as a result of cruse. The cow was Nandini who wanted to free her mother kamdhenu  through the worship of the lord. Bappa was overwhelmed by Nandidni’s Bhakti. In that area he had a Darshan of Seer  Harit rishi  with whose blessing later on he became a great ruler, the Eklingji temple , where Shiv lingam was installed ,was built by Bappa Rawal in 8th centaury

best  living temple near udaipur
Eklingji temple aarti ceremonies is very spiritual. go there in morning or late evening

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