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September 27, 2014
February 2, 2015

Tour Guide  – A person who guides visitors in the language of their  choice  and interprets the culture and natural heritage of an area,which person normally possesses an area- specific qualification  usually  issues and recognized by appropriate authority

type of  official tour guides  in Udaipur  Rajasthan  India  –

there are  officially  three type of Tour Guide  in udaipur  India :

There are three tier system for tour guide in udaipur India

A local level guide (green card)   Municipal area or district  licence   a Guide for  city or monuments ,  minimum requirement to became  local level guide is  finishing school education 12th class passed out .  they limited to work in monuments or city

A state level guide  (yellow card)  state tourism  board  issue a licence. thi is by a state  to issue  license for entire state

A Regional level Guide  (red card ) – A highest level, the ministry of tourism , government of India license  for a  region including different states of india , entire India is divided in five region.

Tour guide in Udaipur  – are you looking for a  good tour guide it must have three basic attributes   knowledge -technique and personality –

Knowledge is  basic  building block of tour guiding.   Guide without adequate knowledge  would  never be acceptable . Knowledge has  three attributes – accurate, relevant , update and extensive .  the commentary  with above basic things   additionally  contributes to a guide ‘s confidence
basic  informationa and a better presentation  is a memorable experience  for  Guest. Same technique is not for ever visitors, audibility clarity ,  where to stands  safety and clear indication , when to start commentary ,  assembled the group. Visibility  etc


pleasing personality is essence of being a good tour guide . Personality is a combo of emotional, attitudinal and behavioral response pattern of an individual

tour guide in India  can hire directly or through   India Tourism  office , state tourism office  or through travel agents, list of tour guides available on website of India tourism

Guides at monuments  :  there are  number of Guide out side  or on main gate of every monuments   they  are available to guide you for the certain monuments only  they are reasonably price and some of them are very good too.  But they are limited to  monuments. Please check there identity card and also rate  card. This might be a better option then audio Guide. In season time they are bit quick to finish the round and get another guests. If budget is not a issue for you  we suggest you to hire a  India tourism licensed guide, who undergone for training and refresher courses    a good guide to be booked in advance


 Driver guide  – as such no driver cum  guide a legal recognized  profession in India .  you can hire a car and driver for part of your holiday in India. The drivers are a very useful resource for tips on places to see, planning your route , day and places to eat. Hence, they are nice informal guides, again often protecting you.  However, a driver will very rarely have the same l in dept knowledge of  an area  , monument. History or places  compare to a trained guide from Ministry of Tourism  Often, a driver might try and set you up for a guided tour with one of his friends.

Guided tour in  Udaipur Rajasthan India :

Advantage of  Hiring a India tourism  tourist Guide

You may meet many people they declare themselves as a  Guide.  Hiring these people and free Guide is  risky  and spoiled your holidays . Why should we hire a Guide ?  Hiring  an authorized Government approved Guide has a  many advantage

  • A Government local Tour Guide with you, you  get good restaurant and shopping recommendations.that make your tour easy
  •  Private Guide with you mean you have a local by your side throughout the day.
  • The Authorized Tour Guide will take you to Hidden Gems to discover udaipur City
  • Private Guide avoids you from  tariffic,  pollution , fear of accident , fear of get lost
  • Tour guide keep you  safe and save your valuable time during the holidays
  • Hire a an Government approved tour Guide is  an investment saving your Minutes and hours for searching on net or Guide Book .investing your Money to real Human being tour guide in udaipur  not on non living things

 Guided tour in India  udaipur Rajasthan

If you never travel overseas before you would possibly have an interest in taking a guided tour in Republic of India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} instead of attempting to navigate yourself around udaipur Or Rajasthan There are number of different customs and law that you simply need to familiarize yourself to ensure that your tour goes smoothly Travel back in time to one of the oldest civilizations on Earth on your tailored guided tour of India. the possibilities for intoxicating expertise are therefore various that only with the care of a private guide and like an expert tailored itinerary are you able to truly experience India’s treasures. the advantage of guided tour are several

personalized for you guided tour are taken care of your interest it’s customized on your wish and desire . you’ll select a German speaking guide for you or spanish speaking guide or simply English speaking tourist Guide .
better experience – best and brief history , best place for photography , native customs,
peace of mind – A guided tour is trouble free and you don’t keep your self busy with time management, sight visiting temporal arrangement best timing without crowd
use evidenced and trustworthy name to rent a tourist guide ,
one of the simplest way to rent direct Guide , Tour by locals , TripAdvisor , virtual tourist recomoneded by your friend

Hire a Guide for budget trip  :  If you are on budget trip  there are several website and guide books for your planing but still hiring a certified Guide is expensive. Some may consider to saty in budget Hotel but take advantage of hiring a Good Guide  here are some pionts for Budget traveller  same for tour guide in udaipur

  • Don’t take an Accompainying Guide /Private Escort for whole trip
  • Don’t hire for long days excursion it is more expensive
  • Hire a monuments  official guide for main monuments
  • Take a audio guide if you are single travellers . if you are more in numbers monuments Guide will be economical.
  • You may negotiate carefully before hiring the monuments guide, there is fix rates of Guide by the Governement , trust . which should be paid . they will have a rate card or rate is mentioned at monuments . You may found touts  not directly at monuments but before the monuments and act as free Guide or overpriced
  • Hire a Guide directly without middle man –agents tour operator   this way you can save applicable  Government service tax


Fee of a tour Guide  :

Guide Fee – India Government Trained Guide  ( Regional Level Guide )

Current Fee structure valid from 1 Oct,2017  to  30 Sept,2019 – Guide fee or wages per day –

half day  upto 5 pax  Rs. 1600

full day  upto 5 pax  Rs. 2000

Group rate  Rs. 2600  to 3450 per day

Guide fee depends on  no. of pax,  duration and nature of Job  Guide fee is under Ministry of Tourism Government of India  and agreed by  IATO (Indian associations of tour Operators)  & TGFI (tourist Guide federation of India ) same fee applicable for tour guide in udaipur

Excursions , language allowance , escorting , out station allowance , travelling allowances as per  Guide line of Tourism  department of India

Language speaking  tour guide in Udaipur india /Interpreter  in Udaipur
Guide fee of local guide (green card) just for a udaipur are different and decided by Rajasthan tourism

There are different foreign  language speaking  tour Guides in Udaipur .  German Speaking guide, French speaking Guide , Italian  speaking guide , Spanish Speaking guide in udaipur india  – language Guide are more in demand  additional language  allowances are paid to guide as per  fee  structure of  Ministry Tourism, Government of  India .    Book your Tour guide in Udaipur  India advance to have appropriate guide who can make your day


Guide line for grant a Guide License  by department of tourism, Government of India


hire a guide in adavance

rajasthan tour escort speak German and English

where we can find a  trustworthy official Guide ?

India tourism department has a list of all official  Guides for different region.  1 You can approach to India tourism Office to hire a Tour Guide for your sightseeing and Excursion  2 You can find  tour Guides on  internet through their websites 3. some website also provide Guide booking and they take services charges from Guide to avail this services . 4. you can find Guide from your  travel agents . 5 some Hotel also keep contact numbers of Guides .  You are advised to Check these Guide have license to work or He is doing just unofficial.

free Guide : nothing is free in the world even death cost whole life, offering free Guide is a scam and they are taking money out of your pockets indirectly be aware of such a scam  student guide – as such no category of student guide.  legally  guides should carry a license to act as a guide  Route guide – there some self delare guides they accompany you from one monuments to other  are Route Guide  Guide Udaipur Magic have No Route Guide 


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